New book on the Dutch Slavery Heritage

In the first week of April, Mapping Slavery NL together with LM Publishers will launch a new book, entitled ‘Gids Slavernijverleden Nederland | Guide The Netherlands Slavery Heritage’. The official launch of the book will take place on Friday April 5th, 4 PM, at the National Archives in The Hague.

This bilingual guide (Dutch and English) offers information on Dutch slavery heritage in 100 locations.

The locations are spread out across 18 cities and provinces. Apart from this, a number of thematic subjects are broached. Among these are the position of descendants of the originally enslaved, the role of the churches in the debate on slavery and slave trade, the burial sites of (formerly) enslaved people in the Netherlands, the relation between the wealth originating in slavery and slave trade and the emergence of country houses in the 17th and 18th centuries, and lastly the role of Dutch law (and lawmakers) in the justification of slavery and slave trade. The brief, clearly written contributions are based on the work of researchers across The Netherlands and aimed at increasing the depth of knowledge on this section of history. The Guide is well- illustrated and accompanied by a variety of maps providing an overview of the various locations and thematic information.

The publication of the Guide has become possible in co-operation with the Mondriaan Foundation and the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds.

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