The Team

Wim Manuhutu
Co-ordinator Indonesia

Wim Manuhutu (born Vught, the Netherlands, 1959) studied history at the University of Utrecht, specializing in the modern history of Indonesia. Between 1987 and 2008 he was a member of the board of directors of the Moluccan Historical Museum in Utrecht, focusing on exhibitions, events, and research. He published a number of articles on Moluccan history in both magazines and books.
Since 2009 he is the owner/director of Manu2u, a company that organizes cultural projects and events in cooperation with various different partners. He is active as a consultant, guest speaker and moderator. He is a guest lecturer at the Amsterdam University College and is working on a PhD thesis on the cultural links between the Netherlands and two of its former colonies, Suriname and Indonesia.

Margriet Fokken

Margriet Fokken is als promovenda verbonden aan de sectie Moderne Geschiedenis van de RuG. Haar promotieonderzoek gaat over identiteit en gemeenschapsvorming onder Hindostanen in Suriname tussen 1873 en 1921.

Barbara Henkes

Barbara Henkes is a staff member at the Department of Modern History of the University of Groningen. Her research focuses on how forms of violent exclusion and repression in the past continue to exist in present-day society.

Sjoerd Jaarsma
Database / Website & Maps

Dr. Sjoerd R. Jaarsma is an anthropologist and historian. He worked as a researcher for universities in the Netherlands and abroad, Between 2000 and 2012 he worked as a project co-ordinator and business manager for Papua Heritage Foundation. Presently he is active as freelance digital heritage consultant and fencing instructor for his own company Schermen&.

Dineke Stam
Researcher and museum

Dineke Stam is an historian and exhibition designer. In 2010, 2012 and 2013 she desigined exhibitions on slavery for NiNsee, the Municipal Museum Tilburg and the Noord-Holland Archive. She worked for the Anne Frank House and for the Netherlands Museum Association as a project manager Intercultural Programmes Heritage. Since 2005 she is active as a self-employed researcher, designer and consultant in the cultural and heritage sectors.

Dienke Hondius
Initiator / Research Co-ordinator

Dr. Dienke Hondius is an historian, working as an associate professor of contemporary history at the Free University Amsterdam. She is also active as a staff member at the Anne Frank House. Her research focuses on the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, racism, colonial history, history of slavery, and related themes.

Jennifer Tosch
Heritage consultant / Co-ordinator USA

Jennifer Tosch is a cultural heritage historian and entrepeneur. She is the founder of Black Heritage Tours in Amsterdam, Brussel & New York State

Nancy Jouwe
Project manager

Nancy Jouwe is a cultural historian and has worked 20+ years in the NGO sector as a managing director and curator on the crossroads of women’s rights, transnational movements, and art, culture and heritage.
As a researcher she focuses on cultural & social movements in postcolonial Netherlands. She is a lecturer at Utrecht University, University of Applied Science Amsterdam, SIT Studies Abroad and CIEE.

Inge Zwart
Intern/Volunteer USA

Inge Zwart is a master student in the Public Humanities program at Brown University. There, her work is focused on public display and discussion of contested histories and the intersection of public humanities and social justice activism. Before moving to the United States, Inge studied at University College Roosevelt where she worked on the public history of slavery in Middelburg.

Laurian Kuipers

Laurian Kuipers is bachelorstudent Geschiedenis aan de Universiteit Utrecht. Met deze stage rondt ze haar bachelor af. Haar interesses liggen bij (post)koloniale geschiedenis, bekeken vanuit een intersectionele invalshoek. Ze schreef haar scriptie over de Nederlandse Legervoorlichtingsdienst in Nederlands-Indië en onderzocht hoe de aanwezigheid van Nederlandse soldaten daar gelegitimeerd werd.