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Archeology of the Present – book review ‘The Netherlands Slavery Heritage Past’ by Cees Luckhardt.

Dutch slavery heritage – After the whip the prosperity

Monday, July 1, tens of thousands of people in the Netherlands and Suriname celebrate keti koti. Despite this few Dutch will know what this celebration is about. sums up what you need to know about this celebration of liberty.

Slowly but surely the Dutch celebrate Keti Koti

Learning about West Frisian slavery heritage in special guide

The city of Delft pays much attention this year to the blessings of the Golden Age. The shadow sides of this era are ignored however. That is why starts a walking tour focusing on slavery heritage in the inner city of Delft.

Slavery heritage visible on Zealand beaches and in Groningen province

For most Dutch their slavery heritage is something taking place long ago in the colonial past. A new book ‘Slavery Heritage Guide the Netherlands’ shows that one can find traces of this past nearly everywhere in the Netherlands

At least two Limburg landowners profited directly from slave labor, concludes historian Dineke Stam.

Traces of slavery can be found anywhere

From a VOC warehouse to the mausoleum of Piet Hein: a walking guide to the slavery past of Delft.

Are there traces of slavery heritage visible in Fryslan? What can we find of our slavery heritage in Frysian archives and musea

After taking part in the Black Heritage Tour in New York, Karin Amatmoekrim becomes fascinated with Sujourner Truth and writes this article about her. Article in Dutch.

Esther Captain, author of Utrecht’s slavery heritage guide, wrote a review of several guide books of Dutch regions. Placing it within contemporary context, it is an in-depth review in the Geschiedenis Magazine. Article in Dutch.

Karin Amatmoekrim joined the black heritage tour in New York state and wrote this article about what she learned on the Correspondent. Article in Dutch.

Cees Luckhardt reviewed our book ‘Dutch New York Histories’ in the ‘Antilliaans Dagblad’. Article in Dutch. interviewed Nancy Jouwe about statues honoring colonial actors in the Netherlands. Article in Dutch.[:i]

Maarten van Rossem joined Nancy Jouw on a slavery heritage walking tour of Utrecht. Video in Dutch.

NOS interviewed Dienke Hondius about the use of names of colonial actors for schools, institutions and public property. Article in Dutch.

Sander Philipse names Mapping Slavery in his opinion piece about research into Dutch colonial history. Article in Dutch.

What should we see in the Dutch Slavery Heritage Museum?

Rutger van der Hoeven includes Mapping Slavery in this helpful survey of contemporary research into the Dutch slavery past. Article in Dutch.

Robert Jan Speerstra writes about the research for the book ‘Sporen van het Slavernijverleden van Groningen’. Article in Dutch.