Sporen van Slavernij Utrecht with Maarten van Rossem

Mapping Slavery’s Nancy Jouwe took history professor Maarten van Rossem on the ‘Sporen van Slavernij’ tour through Utrecht, highlighting slavery heritage. RTV Utrecht produced a video of their educational walk in Dutch, as part of their show “van Rossem Vertelt“.

Together they walk past important slavery heritage in Utrecht, like Eduard van Akaboa’s former street, slave trader George Beens’ ‘Klein Blankburgh’, and abolitionist Nicolaas Beets’ house.

Are you interested in joining a walking tour about slavery heritage in Utrecht? Send us an email to inquire about the possibilities and book a tour. Also make sure to take a look at our map of Utrecht, detailing these and more locations from the ‘Sporen van Slavernij’ tour.