Website and privacy

Privacy statement

Your privacy is important to us and Mapping Slavery NL does not retain any data on you unless you specifically allow us to do so. Likes on Facebook and tweets will be shown, but not shared with anyone else for other than the usual purposes. If you let us know your name and email address when you contact us we will only use to send you an answer to your remarks and/or queries, we will not share this information. For the rest, we use your  ‘footprint’ on the site using Google Analytics to improve the site and help us in our work, but all these data are anonymized.
Privacy Policy

Secure socket layer

Recently we introduced the use of an https-address on the site. This security layer (SSL protocol) encrypts your interaction with our site so that no-one can intercept it easily. To our great regret, at least one virus scanner provides problems with this SSL layer. If you experience a ‘false positive’ in this respect you can add us to the trusted sites (and if you don’t trust it, contact us and we will explain things further). We do not know why it happens, but the problem occurs on a number of sites. If you have time (and feel like it) report the problem to your virus scanner’s help desk,  maybe they can improve their system.