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This annotated bibliography includes a number of (popular) scientific texts and the occasional novel based on the Dutch slavery heritage. The list is of interest to both the academic and non-academic worlds. This short list does not include ‘grey literature’ but there are a number of interesting articles, websites, archives and institutes and digital resources by individual authorities concerned with this subject. A number of general websites providing added information and links are listed below. Given the large number of existing publications on the subject of slavery, certain criteria have been established for publications to qualify for inclusion in this biography.

  • The choice has fallen on more general, in particular non-fiction and (popular) scientific publications on slave heritage and the Dutch participation therein;
  • Most of the texts are written in Dutch and published in the Netherlands. The few English texts have specific relevance to the Netherlands;
  •  They are (mostly) suited to a non-academic Dutch readership;
  •  They are listed in alphabetical order.



Annotated bibliography

Compilation: Kosmopolis Utrecht o.b.o. the  research project Mapping Slavery. (compiled 22 September 2014)